Select Dispatch Answering Service for your messaging needs and:

      • Profit from professional and guaranteed service

      • Know that none of your calls will be missed or messages lost

      • Enjoy the performance of a trained staff

 No matter your business or profession, we take over where you leave off. When you can't be in the office, we're there for you. We take your messages, handle your orders, screen your calls, dispatch your staff, make your appointments, furnish emergency dispatching and tracking services, provide substitute staffing location services for schools, and more. Our extensive experience assures you receive quality service.

We have recently invested in new messaging equipment to better help us provide you with the most efficient service, and to assure that your customers or clients are directed to the proper place or person.

 Tailor a billing plan that suites your budget needs. We offer a variety of plans, including monthly, 28-day cycle, per-call, or by agent time. Best of all, wireless, fax, email and voice mail message delivery is included at no additional service charges. Call today for a free quotation:

Live-Answer Messaging Service for Professionals - Medical - Business

Dispatch Answering Service
15 North 4th Street
Emmaus, PA 18049

Telephone: 610 965.8388
Toll Free: 800.942.8388
Fax: 610.965.8440

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Answering services after hours
Emergencies after hour's answering service
Emergency disaster plan answering service
Eye bank answering service and dispatching
Health care answering services including nurse triage
Health care provider's answering service
Heart and vascular doctor's answering service.
Home health care hospice visiting nurses answering services
Human services
HVAC answering services dispatching utilizing your in house software.
Medical scheduling answering services
Municipality answering Services
Property management company answering services